Absolute client satisfaction and loyalty is everyone’s job. We will exceed our clients’ expectations by understanding and strictly adhering to the REMS Standard Operating Procedures and by incorporating the company’s Beliefs, Values, and Vision into our work place.


  • We believe in providing superior service to our clients, our community and to each member of the REMS Team.
  • We believe in acknowledging our good fortune each day and the opportunities life affords.
  • We believe any success is the result of clear, cooperative, positive thinking and action.
  • Management believes we should seek out and recognize associates that are doing right and treat every associate with respect.
  • We believe all challenges should be used as learning experiences.
  • We believe we are here to succeed and we accept success humbly, acknowledging a Higher Power is responsible.
  • We believe by continually attracting strong people, we build our company, meet our clients’ expectations, and further strengthen our community and the free enterprise system.


RESPECT- We treat others as we would like to be treated. This includes listening with the intent to understand, acknowledging that what is said matters to the speaker. We respond to our clients and associates needs in a timely, calm, and respectful manner.

INTEGRITY- We only make agreements we intend to keep, communicating to all parties any potentially unmet agreement at the first appropriate opportunity. When things aren’t working, we seek solutions in an effort to keep our agreements, operating at all times in an ethical and responsible manner — “above the line.” We communicate honestly and with purpose. We clarify those things about which we disagree or do not understand, and we never say anything about anyone that we would not say to him or her personally.

FOCUS- We continuously strive to enhance our clients’ and associates’ loyalty - giving our best effort to understand, appreciate, and meet their needs in every situation.


REMS will be profitable and client oriented. We will enjoy a reputation of professionalism and provide high quality-service levels in our market area. We will be the standard by which our competitors are measured. REMS will achieve high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty. We achieve this by hiring associates of high caliber and by aligning ourselves with vendors who share a similar vision. We treat them with respect, empower them to improve the process, hold them accountable, compensate them fairly, and make them part of the REMS Team. Each associate will strive to become a better team member, improved leader, and greater individual. Our associates are good people who enjoy their jobs and are happy. We are motivated by the satisfaction that comes from working for a profitable company with an outstanding reputation in the community and industry.